Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No Sew Fabric Birthday Badges

You can make a Birthday Badge with just a little bit of Hot Glue and a couple of stitches, easy enough for 
a beginner sewer. Since these will be used for 1 special day, you can even make these with no sewing involved!

Gather your supplies and meet me back here shortly for instructions...

Hot Glue Gun
2-3 Different Fabric Scraps
Pin Back
Scrap of Heavy Felt or Batting
Heat N Bond

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Shark Attack Snack Mix

This week I am working on an Under the Sea party for my 8 year old.

The first project is the Shark Attack Snack Mix. I got the idea from CupKates and Parties:

For my version, I went to the Dollar Store and picked up Gummy Life Savers, 
Gummy Fish, Gummy Sharks and Gummy Fruit Snacks.
( $4)

Then I filled 4" x 6" self sealing bags ($2.99 for 100 at Hobby Lobby)
with 2 Life Savers, 1 Shark, a few Fish and a few Ocean Pals.

Next I created a Bag Topper with the contents of each bag. 

Email me for for a Free PDF Copy!

And here is the finished result:

Total Cost for 12 Bags
( $4.36)

Next Up: Ocean Cups!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Circus Theme

When my daughter decided on a Circus Party for her 7th Birthday, I was so excited.

This is such a fun theme and fantastically a fun theme to make on the cheap.

This table......

cost no more than $10 to make!

The backdrop is a heavy piece of cardboard (from the box a new TV came in)

Alternating streamers were glued on the back and then wrapped around the cardboard 
and glued on the other side
{$3 for the streamers)

I cut scraps of fabric into triangles and glue at the top of the board.

The popcorn containers were $1 for 8 at the Dollar Store

The tablecloth is stripe fabric I keep on hand.  Use anything you have:
A sheet, a curtain, a stripe towel even!

The cupcake toppers I printed on my computer with free images found online.
{$2 for the circus theme paper}


I made up some games with more cardboard that I painted.  A beanbag toss is just
a piece of heavy cardboard, painted and 3 various holes cut out.

These are Tootsie Roll containers from the Dollar Store, I covered with wrapping paper from 
last years Christmas clearance.

Party on :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Handmade is better!

You can do this.... 

and this....

On a budget, and I will show you how :)

Stick around!